Working On Hobbit Hut 2

Well we have over 40k miles on HH#2


Clean, tighten screws, replaced missing screws, wash wax, and repair anything that’s not working.

Repack Big Red Truck after side windows replacement with opening— more places to have junk/stuff

Lots of sticker –


Many more to add from this year. That’s for another day.

It has been an Adventure!

Need to get ready for return to Yellowstone in the spring.


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Return of


After a very long time off will now be part of our Internet footprint again. We have been using FaceBook and many other sites for our NET Fix, time to bring back our own site.

I’m (chip) planning to do a lot more of the following –

  • Photography
    • Video
  • Electronics (this is more a mind helper) –
  • Astronomy
    • Exoplanets
    • Astro  League observing programs
    • Radio Astronomy (Audio)
  • Travel
    • The Hobbit Hut I & Hobbit Hut II
    • Find Beaker and Matilda
    • Reports


So welcome to the return of


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